Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April RLRR spay/neuter clinic needs volunteers

The first RLRR community spay/neuter clinic is scheduled for April 15-17 in the town of Redby on the Red Lake reservation, and we need volunteers. If you have ever wanted to do something both amazingly rewarding and hands-on down and dirty, this is the opportunity for you!

Our spay/neuter clinics are critical to reducing suffering for the dogs and cats on the reservation. There are way too many born, and lots die young while struggling to survive in a harsh environment.

The clinics require some physical labor, since we care for 40-70 animals each day. Animals need to be weighed, checked-in for surgery, and crated. Most have never walked on a leash, so they often need to be carried. However, food needs to be prepared, dishes need to be washed and laundry done, so there are jobs for all levels of interest. 

We provide vaccinations, worming, and flea and tick preventative to previously altered animals, so we need people to help in that area, too. There are always injured/ill animals needing TLC and medications, and puppies and kittens who need bottle-feeding, along with the daily cleaning, feeding, and walking.
It’s about a 4.5 hour drive to Redby and different accommodations are available. All meals are supplied. If you can help for part or all of the clinic, please email DeeDee for more information at: animalrescue@redlakerosie.org

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