Friday, April 12, 2013

Jordan is now Jax

Jordan was rescued by Sarah, Dino, 2 other friends and myself during the October clinic.  The place had 8 adult dogs, a litter of puppies and NO FOOD.  Thankfully we were able to get 4 of the littermates who were juvenile at that time, very hungry and unsocial.  I was happy to get this update yesterday!

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue
Jordan and his blonde brother Jasper at RLRR
Last October we rescued a dog (originally his name was Jordan) from the Goodhue County Humane Society.  They said that when he was found he was starved and really in rough shape.  Originally your organization rescued him.  I just wanted to thank you for all that you do for these amazing animals.  We couldn’t be happier with our boy.

His name is now Jax.  He is the most sensitive, loving puppy and he brings so much joy to our lives.  I can’t even remember what our lives were like before him.  We have two other shepherds and we had a hard time in the past doing foster care.  It was hard to find the right match that got along with our guys.  But when we brought Jax home they instantly clicked.  It was like it was meant to be.

If it weren’t for you, these amazing animals would not have a chance!
Thank you again and we couldn’t love our baby Jax any more than we do.  He means the world to us.

Sincerely J~

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Anonymous said...

Glad there is a very happy ending
to Jax's story.....what a handsome


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