Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bianca & Bonita

On February 8th, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call that a mother dog and a litter of two pups had strayed into a yard in Redby.
When Geri and Karen responded they found only one surviving pup that they named Bonita and the mama they named Bianca.  Both were hungry and dehydrated.  The other pup had been injured and was lying dead under the mobile home.
Thankfully, Bonita, the pup, was taken a few days later into Linda’s foster care with All Dog Rescue. She has already been adopted as reported in an earlier post.
Bianca remained at the shelter for a few weeks while she was spayed, vaccinated and treated for lice. At first she showed a high level of anxiety, but that got better as she adjusted to her new temporary life.
All Dog Rescue  responded once again and took Bionca into their foster care program and she is doing well we are told.

We are so happy that this little family got help and was able to get foster care and a forever home.  We are so thankful for All Dog and other rescues who take Red Lake dogs and cats!

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