Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy grooming photos from first clinic

A big thanks once again to Carma and Julie for their hard work grooming dogs at the first clinic of the year for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. It is especially gratifying that people now bring in their dogs regularly for grooming. Following are Carma's photos and remarks:
WOOPS & JOE WILLY: These two touched my heart!  Both severely matted, BUT, friendly and well behaved little guys!!  I hope to see them again so I can provide some comfort and TLC!!
RELUCTANT CLIENT: Julie is pictured here with a little one that did NOT want to be groomed.  They were a comical pair as she tried to keep him on the table and not on her back!
SURRENDERED & ABANDONED PUPPIES: These are some the little ones that came to the clinic and changed our lives.  As you can see....Justine and Andrea wanted to hang onto them forever!!!

MOMMA: This beautiful dog belongs to a beautiful young woman, named Kim.  She is so loved.  Her hind quarters were matted.....I wish I could say that I did a great job....but...I had to shave her bum.  I hope to see Kim again at another clinic, so that I can check on Momma.  When I was done grooming for the day, I sat with Momma and brushed her.  I didn't want her to be alone while she waited for Kim to pick her up.  She is such a gentle dog, just laid with her head in my lap!!!  Thank you Kim for allowing me the privilege of meeting you.

MARTY FROM PONEMAH: Marty!!!!  What can I say!!!  He is the best!!!  He comes from Ponemah to Redby to be groomed.  He is always a mess, BUT, he is well..well..well...well fed!!!  His family loves him and it shows!  He is very well behaved, but usually his coat is a mess.  This time I found burrs, sticks, & lots of straw in his coat!  I think the straw must come from his winter straw bale house!

CHIP aka PICASSO: Chip is a Shih Tzu that comes to every clinic to be groomed!!  He has a brother named Dale!  Chip was stepped on as a puppy, but that hasn't stopped him in life!  He is a wonderful little guy and his family loves him dearly!!!  Julie & I look forward to seeing his "lovely", little face!!!

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Anonymous said...

Carma and Julie, you are outstanding! Thank you for sharing your talents at the clinic. A day of pampering for the little ones must have felt like heaven to them.


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