Thursday, April 25, 2013

First RLRR spay/neuter clinic of 2013

The first clinic of 2013 went very smoothly. MN SNAP altered 70 animals, and we vaccinated another 40 that were already spayed or neutered. Thank you to Dr. Sue and her team, especially for braving the winter storms that were moving through Minnesota during their trip.
We had less surrenders, strays, puppies and kittens at this clinic, a hopeful sign that our s/n efforts continue to have a positive effect.
We helped a special boy named Ali, who had the worst case of porcupine quills most of us had ever seen. Although he was in a lot of pain, was starving and dehydrated, he was very gentle. The poor dog had to be anesthetized twice to get all of the quills out. They were down his throat, in his upper and lower palates and even his epiglottis. The quills you see in the bowls in the photo were half of the number removed. We were all sad to say goodbye to him.
Dr. Amy from Keller Lake Animal Hospital and Olivia from Como Park Animal Hospital came to help with the vaccinations and emergencies.  A big thank you to both of them, since without their help, many animals would not have been treated.

 Claudia provided all of our delicious meals again – from gnocchi with pesto sauce to falafel with tahini. We ate incredibly well. A new volunteer, Tera, provided wonderful homemade chocolate dipped macaroons, vegan peanut butter cups, brownie cookies, and loads of other fabulous snacks. Thank you both for supplying us with such tasty bounty.  
Julie and Carma washed, trimmed, brushed, and fluffed the animals. The RLRR clinics are getting quite the reputation for their expert grooming services! It’s great to see all of the return customers coming in for their annual, much-needed matt removal and nail trims.
Many volunteers made the trip to Redby, in unpredictable weather, to help the animals. Thank you to all of the dog walkers, pooper scoopers, crate cleaners, food and waterers, vax & worm restrainers, puppy cuddlers, dish washers, and laundry loaders/folders – Nancy H; Nancy G; Nancy O; Tom; Twyla; Heidi; Tiana; Courtney; Deb; Sandy; Heather; Jenny; Chloe; Jolene, and Daniel.


Anonymous said...

It is always heart-warming to volunteer at these clinics, meeting wonderful people and meeting many incredible animals as well. The days are busy but extremely rewarding, and you seem to walk away with a renewed spirit.
A big thank you to Karen, the medical team, and all the volunteers!

jess libra said...

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