Saturday, April 13, 2013

Something to smile about!

NOTE FROM JOHN marks the one full year mark for Feather to have lived here with us.  She arrived late on the evening of March 30th of last year.  

She is a happy girl thanks to the efforts of people that believed in making the effort to give her a better life.  I have done the easy stuff.  

She is very thankful Karen to you and Linda and everyone else that made her new life possible.  She has been playing out in the side/back yard continually all day barking and displaying jubilation.
Sincerely,  Feather and her family.

ps:  You may have seen this picture before.  This is her best buddy "Ripley" the beagle that I babysit from time to time.  They are both the same age and love to play together and wrestle. 

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Anonymous said...

I went back into the blog to the very beginnings for Feather, and I continue to be in awe of her beautiful transformation! The love, patience, kindness, loyalty to this little girl has made a world of difference. Where would she be had you not seen the goodness in her. Thank you, John!!


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