Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Run free, Chuckie!

On June 10, 2012, there was a blog post about a dear older small dog we named Chuckie. He was found abandoned in a ditch. Thankfully, despite his medical condition, Pet Haven took him on May 26, 2012.

We just heard that little Chuckie crossed the rainbow bridge. We are thankful that he got great care and did not have to die alone in a ditch! 

THANK YOU Pet Haven and Sally for his great care!  Karen
Chuck had a great life up until just recently. He was in loving hospice care with the president of Pet Haven. He is now running free with all the other Red Lake Rosie's Rescue dogs that have gone over the bridge. Thanks for all you do for dogs like Chuckie Cheese.

Sincerely Laura
I wanted to let you know that on Saturday April 6, Chuck crossed the rainbow bridge.  His quality of life was being compromised because of his age, pain, and his rapidly accelerating dementia. Chuck was also probably deaf and almost blind.  

The past week or so we saw Chuck decline even more and after talking to his foster Sally, she and I decided it was best for Chuck to go to the Bridge.  Sally and Laura were both there with him.

Thank you so much to both Laura B. and Sally for fostering this guy.

He was kind of grumpy, looked a little scraggly, and didn't have a lot of teeth left, but he drew people to him for all of those reasons. 

Run free, Chuck.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Chuckie. Chuckie's grumpiness was no doubt from his previous life, but am betting his
last year and 1/2 were the best ever. So thrilled he got a taste of the good life.....thank you so much for loving Chuckie and for being there as he crossed....he took all that love with him and a smile on his precious face.


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