Thursday, April 18, 2013

Eddy at home

Eddy and his family
Terri sent us an update on Eddy, a Red Lake dog her family adopted.  Terri has been a great volunteer transporting Red Lake, Leech Lake, Bemidji, and Roseau animals all winter.


As promised here are pictures of our Red Lake Rosie's Rescue pup, Eddy. He is about 11 months now.   I don’t know what his name was before, but I got him through Pet Haven and Sandy Thomson was fostering him.  We adore him!

He started out at 19 lbs and now is about 70 lbs.  He needs a little more training (wow, for sure) but that is our problem…not his.  
He LOVES outside and is one of the most “oral” dogs I have ever met -- Likes something in his mouth all the time.  

He is playful and so good with other dogs.  Our other dog is a small terrier mix, and she and Eddy had a rough start, but they are now best friends.

Best regards and love to you….T~

Anyone else think that Eddy looks a whole lot like Gillian??

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Anonymous said...

Lucky Eddy......has such a great family!!!! And yes, there is quite a resemblance between Eddy and Gillian.....could they be related?


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