Monday, April 15, 2013

Red Lake cats on the move

AHS has been very wonderful the past 2 years in taking Red Lake cats and getting them altered and up for adoption. Jenny and Marilou have been assisting in the placement and follow-up on all animals sent AHS.

Under the Mn Paw protocol all animals are assessed and, if for any reason the animal is not adoptable, we are notified and have the option of taking the animal back.

During the past year we have had only had one cat that had to be returned to RLRR.  Fortunately, a very nice lady from the metro took the cat and fostered her until she found her a great home.

I have attached a picture of two of the beautiful cats that have been adopted. Sadie and Dusty are centerfolds for sure!

Thank you to Jenny, Marilou, and AHS for your help placing our lovely cats!  


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenny and Marilou for
helping many animals get into the metro programs so that they can be adopted!


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