Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas for the Red Lake rescued animals

Bless the Red Lake dogs and cats that have a warm place in someone's home this Christmas....and the ones that don't.

Barbara brought Lucy with her after her time at RLRR this summer and fostered her until she was adopted and she got her new name of CC.
Hello from the A-family. Just emailing you some Christmas pictures. We are sad to say that we have lost our old dog, so C-C will have to live alone for a couple months. We plan on getting a new pup this spring so she doesn't have to wait too long. But I must say even though she e alone it doesn't phase her. She had a lot of fun snooping around when we brought all the Christmas boxes up. We see more of our old dogs and their traits in her more and from Iggy she snoops in bags when you bring them in lol.
She also got to experience the cookie weekend we have. We get together and bake cookies, bars and candies for one full weekend and she loved it.

we had lots of fun getting our nose into enerything...we would have to say that her favorite cookie to hunt down are the lemon bars...
We wish you a happy holidays.
-The A. family

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