Monday, December 22, 2008

Samson update

I am not sure if you are the one to write to, but about two years ago, my wife and I were the lucky people to get one of your rescue "success stories".

The dog that we got is Samson, a newfoundland / black lab mix. I don't know if you remember him, but we are so fortunate to have him. Some think that he's lucky to have us, but as cool, and sweet as he is, I know that we're the lucky ones.

I am proud to say that the dog you rescued from a terrible, abusive life is so loved by all who meet him. In fact, we were on a walk and started talking to a lady, and when we gave her his story, she was surprised to see that my Samson is the same Samson that she transported from Red Lake to the Animal Ark in Hastings. He had come that far in his new life, and is no longer the mange-ridden, heartworm infested, starving dog that she transported, unsure of how long he'd survive.

He is now a 108 pound, healthy, happy dog, with many more years ahead of him. His disposition is so sweet and loving that one would never dream of what kind of past he had had. Although he is 108 pounds, he still thinks he's a lap dog, and takes up a big portion of our king size waterbed, where he sleeps with us each night.

We would love to send pictures of Samson, if we can, and if you would like..

We would also like to thank everyone from Red Lake Rosie's group that does so much to help animals that need it so much.

Thank you for all you do.

Happy Holidays...

Dan & Maggie Larson, and Samson

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Olive's mommy said...

I know that big boy Sampson! Sampson is part of our black dog walks around Lake Harriet during the summer! Can't wait for those warm days again!


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