Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moneya and pups need homes

In mid October, 2009 Red Lake Rosie's volunteers found Moneya and her litter of 7 at a house in Redby, Minnesota. The people who lived there had accidentally driven over one of the puppies and it appeared it had a broken jaw.
The mother, Moneya was malnourished and her puppies were hungry. Their hair was sparse and they itched due to mange mites. They had no shelter and wandered around a yard near a highway with no fence. The people would not give up any, not even the poor little injured pup!

Two weeks passed and Moneya and her family got more hungry and left their "home", and went looking for food. Now they were homeless and walking around from place to place in hopes of finding something to eat. By this time there were only 4 pups and Moneya.
One of the social programs contacted Red Lake Rosie's and they were able to take Moneya and her four kids.

A day later and a call came that another of Moneya's pups was also found near death, our little black and white Lydia. So, they then returned her to her family. Lydia was skin and bones and needed to had special feedings and nearly died.

The whole family has been on an antiparasitic, which killed the mange mites and they are regrowing hair and gaining weight. The pups were weaned from their mama and Moneya has since been spayed, and has gotten her shots. She is positive for Lymes and Anaplasmosis and is currently taking antibiotics.

Akin Animal Hospital took out 2 male pups on their last visit, leaving
Lydia, Roxy, and Zoey with Moneya at the Red Lake Rosie's shelter. With winter fully arrived (last night was -12 below actual temperature) they are anxious to help the rest of the family get to foster care. MARS has stepped in to help and is seeking foster homes so we are able to bring these poor dogs in to our rescue.

They are wonderful, lovely, well socialized and are so happy to be eating and getting better. Please contact Minnesota Animal Rescue Services if you are interested in fostering or adopting any of these dogs.

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Kristen said...

What are the laws regarding animal neglect there? It seems that authorities should have been able to confiscate mama dog and her puppies, especially since one had been injured and was clearly not receiving medical care. It's so sad that it got to the point where 2 pups died and the others nearly did. I admire the work that you do for the animals and I will definitely look to you when I'm ready to bring another animal into my home.


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