Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Before the Storm...

Dear Friends:

Hi and I wanted to thank you and update you on the hooved two-some that were rescued out of Red Lake just before the bad weather hit. The rescues took place December 11 and 12.

First of all, we had the little miniature stallion, who the people could no longer care for. He was on a rope, and the people moved and would come and and give him feed/water, but they said he was so lonesome that they had to give him up. I call him Freddie. He was a very nice horse and was in good physical condition.

Also, at a different residence we found Ruby who turned out to be a donkey. She was not in as bad a physical condition as first reported, however, she has swollen leg joints, and very bad feet in need of farrier services. She had longer hair and some hip and backbone protrusion.

Ruby is a real doll, she is friendly and not a bit hard to handle. She was on a rope in a yard on the reservation. She had been grazing grass under the snow and a very nice man driving by with a truckload of hay, stopped and rolled off a bale for Ruby.

We are thankful that a retired teacher from Red Lake who raises horses answered the call and took his horse trailer up to Red Lake and met us first at Freddie's house, then on to Ruby's. Ruby would not get in the trailer with Freddie, so the man returned the next day at 6:30 am and loaded Ruby. This was only 1 day before the very bad weather hit. Ruby had no shelter at all.

Now both Ruby and Freddie are in the barn, warm and eating hay. They seem to get along well according to the caretaker. Both will see the vet and the farrier next week. Check out poor Ruby's overgrown feet -- no wonder her joints are swollen!
Thank you to all the wonderful people who were instrumental in helping us get to the rescues, and all the right people and just in the knick of time. Also to Sandy, Jill, Denise and others who provided advice and financial support to help Ruby get care for her feet, temporary boarding fee, and hopefully transport to RIDE in Rochester or Refuge Farms in Spring Valley, Wisconsin soon.

It amazes me how we are able to, with the help of a great network of animal-loving people, rescue the animals just before the "big storm".

We will keep you updated on Ruby and Freddie.

Sincerely, Karen Good and RLRR

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