Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanks to Akin Pet Hospital

Dr. Veronica Bartsch and vet techs Lindsay and Karmen of Aiken Pet Hospital, Farmington, MN visited RLRR shelter again on November 19 - 21, 2008. During their stay they neutered over 30 cats and dogs both from the shelter and the community. They examined and immunized 86 dogs and cats.
It was a great blessing to have them here. When they left they took out 15 larger puppies, 3 small puppies, and 8 cats to foster care in the Last Hope Rescue in Farmington. Many have since been adopted.
This was Karmen's first visit and she fell in love with Charlie, the little yellow lab mix. Charlie had arrived 2 days before the group and was in an isolation kennel as the report was he had survived parvo.
Well, Charlie rode out with Karmen in a beautiful new coat! He had been a stray and Kathy from Red Lake had taken him in and kept him alive during his sickness. We are so happy for Charlie and all the other puppies and cats that left with them.

The team says they "love" coming here and plan to be back. Aren't we lucky?

Karen Good, RLRR

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