Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Featured Volunteer: Carol Priest

Dear Denise:

Carol Priest has been one of RLRR friends for the past 4 years.

Carol works in the Red Lake community and has started a number of social programs including the homeless shelter. Not only does this lady love and care about the homeless people, she also has a special heart for homeless dogs. She has sent many to the shelter, volunteers for rescue during clincs, feeds animals at the Group Home and has been a great help. She has a special gift of being able to win the trust of dogs who are more difficult to catch.

Pictured here is Carol with her recent rescue of "Sarge" a homeless dog she has been advocating to get out of the community and to the shelter. She brought Sarge during the Akin visit and had him neutered, immunized, and a wound under his leg repaired.

Sarge is a very nice dog, and we are hoping to find just the right placement for him.

We are so very lucky to have Carol as a partner. Thank you, Carol, for all you do.


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