Thursday, December 11, 2008

Corkie has become Dancer--How Festive!

We got an update from Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue on Corkie:Just wanted to let you know that he is doing wonderful. He did not really answer to Corkie and he looks like he is dancing, when he gets excited, so we changed his name to Dancer. I just decided to foster him, because he gets along so well with everybody and everything.

His surgery went well and he seems housebroken. The only accident he had was when he lifted his leg on the Christmas tree!

We had an applicant come over last night and visit with him. He may be a little too excited for her, but we will see. I am sure he will not be in foster long. Check out Corkie/Dancer's website!

Thank you for rescuing this very precious soul.

You are an angel to the animals,

Lori S.
Foster Home Coordinator
Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue

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