Thursday, December 18, 2008

MORE before the storm...

Fluffy pups
We had a couple days notice of a big storm with snow and wind and cold moving across Minnesota this past weekend. I had planned a transport driving up on Saturday and back on Sunday, but it was clear that Sunday would not be a day to travel. Karen really needed to get some dogs moved to rescues before the storm, so the trip was changed to a drive up and back to Bemidji -- all on Saturday.
The O'Sullivans helped out by driving from Bemidji up to Red Lake and back to bring down the animals for transport. We met and exchanged our load of supplies for Karen for the animals before noon. I drove in freezing drizzle that kept threatening to cover my windshield, but had no other problems. Thanks to G. for swapping vehicles with me (again) and K. for riding up and back with me.
KeelaWe delivered a darling gray and white chihuahua to D. in Rogers. Next stop was the Brooklyn Park office of Minnesota Animal Rescue Services (MARS) where we dropped off Moneya and her three medium-sized pups. Then we went to my house and two women from the Akin vet clinic in Farmington came to get big Rufus (who was quite intimidated by the snowmen in the lawn across the street), three squirmy little fluffy white and black puppies and two tiny shepherd mix pups.

J. came to claim Mama Mia's five darling kittens that are quite a bit older now than this picture.
NOTE: Please send your best wishes to Bev K. of MARS who was injured in a car accident just after meeting us and distributing the dogs to their foster homes on Saturday. A drunk driver hit four cars, including Bev's, that were stopped at a red light. A man in another vehicle was killed and Bev is in the hospital with a head injury, but is expected to recover fully. Karen spoke to Bev and Bev told her that "She was happy she had no animals or other people along or they might have been killed."

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