Friday, May 23, 2008

Samson in his new home

Samson is a large black lab who was rescued 2 years ago. He had no hair from severe mange and the owner said she was trying to kill him by withholding food, but he would not die! The kids in the household threw rocks at him.

Now look at him- he is so beautiful and has a GREAT life. Makes it all worthwhile.


Here is the update on Samson from Animal Ark:

05/22/2008 - Samson update
Posted by Mary S
Updated on 05/23/2008

One of the dogs we have rescued from Red Lake in the past was Samson. He found a great home and today I received some photos of him and an update! I just had to share his "New life" with all of you, it warmed my heart & I'm sure it will warm yours too.

The following is from Samson's new mom:
When Sam first came to us, he would cower everytime we would raise our handaround him, and would cry in his sleep almost every night. The abuse he suffered must have been terrible. We are so glad the Animal Ark found him,and took him out of that terrible situation. The fact that Sam is probably the sweetest dog on the planet is a miracle, considering what he went through.

He is 108 pounds of pure love. He would sit there and let you pet him for hours. All he wants is love and gentle words, and of course, treats!He loves walking, playing fetch at the dog park, and going for rides inthe car. He knows when it is Thursday. Dan and I go out to Peking restaurant on Thursday's, and he comes along for the ride. He waits patiently in the car because he knows he will get a chicken strip for a treat. He loves to go anywhere in the car. He doesn't much care where, or if the car is even running. One day, I had to go out to the garage and he must have followed me out there. When I couldn't find him, I went back out to the garage, and there he was, sitting in the car (he jumped in thru theopen window), in the dark, almost as if to say "You won't be going anywhere without me".

He hangs out on the couch watching TV with us, and likes to sleep with us for about an hour each night. Then he hops down and goes to his own bed. He is not a "morning" person, and in fact he acts more like a second shift person. When we get up in the morning we let the other two dogs out first,and Sam just lays there on his bed. If you talk to him, he will crack one eye open and look at you, as if to say "just 5 more minutes, please".

All of our friends just love his mellow disposition, and after they hear his story, tell us how lucky Sam was to find us, when in fact, it is the other way around. We are the lucky ones to have found Sam.

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Katie said...

What a great and happy ending for Sampson and his family. I am so thankful he got a second chance thanks to RLRR and AA.


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