Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Poor little Pinky Louisa

Poor Louisa is a starving little pit-bull puppy with severe demodex mange that arrived at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue on August 23rd as a transfer from Leech Lake Legacy. She spent only one week at the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter before she was transferred to Susie and Matt at ARVSS (Animal Rescue & Veterinary Support Services).

ARVSS has helped many Red Lake animals with severe medical needs. They have taken one dog that was shot, 2 dogs that were burned, plus many that had heartworm, mange or broken limbs. We really appreciate all that ARVSS does for the Red Lake animals and are thankful we can call on them when we have an especially needy or injured animal.

Severe generalized demodex requires long-term treatment of about 8 weeks. Demodex is not contagious, but is a genetic disease passed on from parents characterized by severe itching, skin lesions, and hair loss. Louisa was basically bald. In spite of all this, Louisa was a dear happy puppy!

Little Pinkie  Louisa came to us with severe mange, no hair, sores and scabs all over her little body. Her bones were not growing right because of her lack of nutrition. Fortunately, the rickets should correct because she is so young and now on a good diet. Poor baby also had a urinary tract infection. So, she is on antibiotics, sentinel-or milbemycin (which is good for demodex and not as toxic as ivermectin) and she gets a wonderful bath to help her skin :-) 

EVERYBODY loves her happy personality and two wonderful vets are giving her lots of care!

Pinkie (aka Louisa) three weeks ago (ABOVE) --and Pinkie today (BELOW)! Louisa is doing great! Her hair is coming in and her legs are straightening out. She is eating a ton of food! Everyone who meets her falls in love with her!


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