Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bewitched bunch ready for the world!

This mom cat from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and two of her kittens are still waiting for homes. The two kittens from the family that are already in a home together are getting rave reviews! Don't wait to meet these great cats!!

CHARLOTTE (MOM CAT)Charlotte is a short-haired blue-grey tuxedo cat. She is mild-mannered and LOVES people. With cats, she likes to be the boss, so she would be happy in a home as an only cat or perhaps with a dog.

AMELIAAmelia was named for her independent, adventurous spirit, but she just LOVES laptime; she also loves another kitty to play with and cuddle with and her sister Serena is her darker twin. Amelia is a dilute tortie (grey/cream) and Serena is a regular tortie with black and orange. They are both long and sleek with pointy faces like Oriental cats.

SERENASerena is a little quieter and shyer than her siblings or her mom, but that seems to be typical of dark torties. She also loves laptime but will startle more easily and relies on Amelia for confidence.

Here is an update on the siblings that were adopted before Christmas:

SOPHIE & SHADOWWe wanted to update you on Sophie and Shadow (Samantha/Darin) - they are are doing wonderfully. They have really adjusted to their new home. They are still shy of new sounds and sights, but are settling in very nicely.

SHADOW (fka DAREN)Shadow is a very high energy kitty and would go non-stop if he could - we wonder if his batteries will ever wear out! He runs through the house chasing his toys. Whoever thought a little kitten could sound like a herd of cattle, but we love it. He also loves to pick on his sister - a little bit of a bully, but in the end they still get along great.

SOPHIE (fka SAMANTHA)Sophie is more laid back and likes to observe a bit before participating but she has a mischievous side too. She may not be the instigator but will join in on the fun. Sophie will be the cuddly one of the two. You can tell that she needs to be treated like the Diva she is. She knows her cute looks will go along way!

SHADOW & SOPHIE TUG OF WARWe love the added excitement they both bring to the house. Both kitties have great personalities and we are constantly entertained by them. On a side note - the Christmas tree is still standing, but I will be happy when we can take it down and the temptation is out of the house! Sophie had tree sap stuck to her fur already.

Thanks again for the wonderful kitties.

C, D & N

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