Friday, February 6, 2009

Update on Tessa (f/k/a Mona)

NOTE FROM JODI with Cause4Paws:
I’m not sure if you guys remember this cat but she was from the RAVS clinic last year and had the week-old tiny babies with her. She came from the same home as Pete the poorly adjusted dog. This cat had the tail frozen off from last winter when she was an outdoor cat and spent the winter in the doghouse with Pete. She was relinquished to the owner’s probation officer and this kitty gave birth to 5 kittens at the probation officer’s home on July 11. The kitty went to the HSUS/RAVS spay/neuter clinic and afterwards I took Mona and babies home until all were adopted.

We adopted Mona, now Tessa, a couple of months ago. She has adapted really well to her new home and to the other cats. She has especially taken to our year old Coon cat. The two of them tear around the house like a pair of maniacs chasing each other and pretend fighting. I can't remember seeing a pair of cats who loved to run as much as these two. They started playing with each other within the first couple of weeks she was here.

She and my son Matthew have really bonded. She spends each night in his room, often sleeping on his stomach. You can tell that she considers him to be her person.
Almost from the first day she was here she showed that she was pretty outgoing. She is not afraid to tell you that she doesn't like something and will complain rather loudly about being taken off of a chair when a person wants to use it
She is very healthy and has gained about a pound since she got here. She does want to eat people food whenever she gets a chance, but we haven't had a very hard time keeping her away from that.

I've attached a couple of pictures of her. Hope you enjoy them as much as we are enjoying her. She is really a terrific addition to our house.


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