Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ode is adopted!

We'll never forget Ode, the puppy whose ears were intentionally set on fire. Click on her name, Ode, to follow back to all the previous links on the Red Lake Rosie's blog. Her ears are gone, but she has recovered fully otherwise and has been adopted by her Pet Haven foster family. Read about it on Marilou's blog. Here is an excerpt:Today I had the honor of finalizing Ode's adoption. Ode (pronounced 'Oday' and means heart in Ojibway) came into Pet Haven's foster program in July, 2008. At 12 weeks of age, she was rescued by Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Ode was found wandering on a baseball field in Redby, Minnesota with her ears severely burned - a victim of horrific abuse. In the 6-7 months she has been in our program she has been loved by her foster family and fellow Pet Haven volunteers and all lucky enough to meet her. About a month ago she went to live with Pam and her two cats -- they were fostering Ode with the intent to adopt. Over a cup of tea, delicious homemade ginger cookies, and Pam with one hand petting a content, relaxed Ode on her favorite chair, the adoption paperwork was completed. Somehow Ode must've known what was going on. She seemed happy, content, and at ease....

Well, Ode Almondine Funny girl Bambi Christian, we love you and we are so happy for you!

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