Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sadie's found a new home and a new name: Sasha

Here's an update on Sadie- now called Sasha. She was an older dog that has been adopted through Pet Haven into a wonderful home.

Sadie was left behind when her owners moved out. They took their younger dog and left her to lay on her porch for 2 weeks with no food or water. A next door neighbor felt sorry for her and started feeding her. Then she contacted Red Lake Rosie's and she came here.

She was taken to the vet and was spayed and got her shots. They discovered her teeth were all worn down.

We appreciate the rescues taking the Red Lake dogs and cats and finding them such good homes. Below is the note from Sasha's new home which already had a dog named Sadie.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

Sasha is good. She has really become a part of our family. She does not like being out in the cold. We sometimes have a hard time letting her out to go to the "bathroom", she will go outside and lie down on the balcony or out by the playset. I think she must have spent a lot of time outside and thinks she is expected to stay out for long periods of time. I let her in and she is very thankful, she just does not alert to us very well when it is her time to go out. We let her out quite often but I think she has been peeing in her bed. I'm sure it will take some time to adjust. She gets along with our other dog Sadie quite well. They play nightly with each other and have a good time. They tend to share toys and like playing tug of war.

Sasha doesn't really like being wrestled or teased by adults. I think she has some trust issues from her past. I am sure she really didn't have anyone that played with her like that when she was a puppy so it's not really natural to her. She is great with the kids. She has a problem with jumping up on people for attention but is learning that it is not ok with kids because it scares them. She is doing very well overall. I can't wait till it warms up so we can start going on walks! I'm sure all of us have a case of cabin fever and need to run around a bit. Hope things are well with you.


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