Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a small world

Two RLRR doggies run into each other at the dog park:
Hi! Look who we ran into at the dog park this weekend!!! My friends & I were admiring a puppy; I had to stop to pet him. The people walking the puppy said the pup was from up north & had been found starving. They are fostering him thru All Dog Rescue. I told him Moxie was from RLRR and he said the puppy was too!
He was happy & having a great time :)

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RescueMom said...

I remember that meeting - and the best news is that sweet Axel (Ashley at RLRR) was adopted last Wednesday by a wonderful family! I'll forward any updates we get!

Susan (Axel's former foster mom)


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