Monday, February 9, 2009

Foxie Moxie has a foster brother

I love to look at all the pix of the companion animals you are saving. Sweet Peaches looks like her leg needs some help, poor love.

Wanted to update you on our "Foxie Moxie". She has a foster brother now, who maybe ( fingers crossed! :-) ) will be her forever brother.

"Scout" is a 1 yr old Flat Coat Retriever mix who needs surgery on both hips. I go with tonight on an appt for him to get a second opinion on what type of surgery would be best for him. He has been w/ us for almost 2 months now, he came so we could help him thru his post op.

Moxie & Scout have become very close, they are both high energy. They love wrestling on the bed, chasing each other at the dog park, and snuggling up for a nap. And they keep me very warm at night too! :-) When her eyes are runny, he washes her face for her! It's so cute!

At the dog park there is a young dog who plays REALLY rough. I try to keep Moxie close to me as this dog always goes for her & she doesn't like it. I need worry no longer! After guarding Moxie on a few visits, Scout decided to settle matters once & for all. Scout ran up to the dog, knocked her down & stood there as she showed him her belly: "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I won't pick on your sister any more!".

Ever since then, the dog won't even LOOK at Moxie!!!!! I was surprised when he did it, cuz he really is a very mild boy, but enough is enough! He is about 60 lbs & 27" at the shoulder.

My love to you all & many thanks daily for our darling Moxie. She warms my heart with her love.


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Celayne said...

What fun for Moxie to have a friend who can keep up with her!


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