Friday, February 20, 2009

Cinnamon has recovered like a Phoenix

This is a story of Cinnamon (now known as Phoenix) who was rescued by myself and Marilou on her last trip up here.She was found in an old doghouse with no bedding.Phoenix was found with a litter of 6 pups.Poor mama was starving, all her ribs and backbone protruding.She came to the shelter on December 11th with her litter and within 9 days all went to Last Hope Rescue. The pups were all adopted and Cinnamon also was adopted to a great home.The preceding pictures were taken on the date of her rescue, and you can compare to the great life she has in her new home as described below. They love her and say she is the most wonderful dog ever. I relayed to them that it is because she is so appreciative for the great home and comforts she now has after suffering so long.

Thank you to all the volunteers, financial supporters, transporters, and rescues for helping Phoenix and others like her. It is heartwarming to see these positive results.



Thank you so much for writing a thank you note for adopting one of your
dogs! We adopted Phoenix (formerly Cinnamon) in December. She was the mother of a litter of the puppies that Akin Hills Veterinary Hospital in Farmington brought back. She is incredible.I have 3 other dogs, one 13 years old, one 7 years old, and a handicapped dog who is around 8 years old. All are rescues. Phoenix is SO great with all the dogs - respects my 13 year old, plays a lot with my 7 year old.
My handicapped dog has Degenerative Myelopathy, so he cannot walk and we help him get around. But he will make his way over to where she's playing with a toy and will steal the toy from her. Phoenix is SO good - she doesn't get aggressive, just waits until he turns his head, then steals it back. It is so funny!We are so very lucky to have adopted her. She is a joy to be around.

Thank you for all you do - and for helping the animals!



Celayne said...

What a beautiful girl! The photos show us what a great life she has in her new home. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you...since we've adopted her, we've noticed she has such an incredible spirit...and we want to thank everyone involved in helping her come to us. I spoil my dogs to no end...and she's learning how to use that :) Which is fine by me!!! I am so very grateful for rescuring her and allowing us to adopt her...she is quite amazing.

Marilou said...

It really warmed by heart to see updated photos of Phoenix. I had the honor of going out on this rescue with Karen and to see the transformation is simply unbelievable! :) I could tell right from the start what an incredible spirit she had. It makes me so happy to see these updated photos and to know how much she is being loved. Thank you for welcoming her into your heart and your home :)


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