Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another January Transport

Animal Ark took in 8 dogs and pups on Saturday, January 10 that were transported by M&D, who had adopted Samson, the Red Lake dog. Mary had this to say about the newcomers
Dr Charlie says Marcus's leg is pretty messed up & we may need x-rays
- he actually really reminds me of Honey - both her personality and her foot. Makes me wonder if someone is trapping by the dumps? I just LOVE Marcus. He is positive for Anaplasmosis, Erlickia and heartworm we found out today, just like Honey! I'll be glad to have him around for a while during treatment.

Yes, Noodin is shy, but not Nikki or Kikki shy. I love him too!! He is negative for heartworm, anaplasmosis and erlickia.

Mom dog is very sweet! She is in her foster home who absolutely loves her! Zetta loves the foster home's other dogs and her kids & is stealing food from the counters! Yes, she almost knocked Mallory over yesterday trying to get the cat food she was carrying as she was walking by her! Wow, poor thing was probably starving to death when you found her!

Thanks for saving these kids and sending them to us! They are fabulous!!
Mary, Animal Ark

Check the blog tomorrow for photos of Zetta's pups!

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Mary S said...

Noodin's eye ruptured and became painful for him, so we had to remove his eye. He is now in a foster home as he recovers from the surgery and will be returning to the shelter and ready for suture removal and adoption next week. We all love him dearly!

Zetta and pups should be ready to return to the shelter shortly as well - I can't wait to see what they look like after they've been doing some growing!

Marcus may need his bad leg removed. He is currently on pain med's and is still not putting weight on it. A "velcro" dog is what I call my Marcus, he wants to be as close to you as possible all the time!

Thanks for sharing all of our special "kids" stories - they are all very dear to our hearts! Also, thank you Karen, for saving their lives!!


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