Monday, January 26, 2009

Samson returns to Red Lake (for a visit!)

Dear Denise:

I wanted to share the wonderful experience of having Samson revisit Red Lake Rosie's Rescue on Saturday and Sunday, Jan 10 and 11. This time it was he who brought the gifts of dog and cat food for all his friends at the shelter.His mom and dad, D & M brought a larger van full of goodies, and transported out 8 dogs/pups to Animal Ark.

I had butterflies all week as I wondered if Samson would remember us and how he would be after being adopted the past 2 years. He far surpassed what I had expected. What a beautiful and wonderful animal!! He was the perfect gentleman.

He did some exploring around the shelter, and spent time in the cathouse while we visited and exchanged stories about Samson. He knows how to shake, catch, sit and roll over.It was a perfect weekend and made me happy to know that we do have the success of getting a new life for many animals. If anyone had deserved this great life- it was Samson after all the suffering he had endured. It made it all worthwhile. Thank you D & M for loving and caring for Samson.

Karen and RLRR

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