Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Samson returns to Red Lake

Here is an update from Samson's adopter's following their visit to RLRR.January 25, 2009:
A couple years back, Karen Good found a gentle giant of a dog named Samson. He was being terribly mistreated, and was starved nearly to death. She took him from what would have been a sure death in a short time, brought him to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, and slowly nursed him back to recovery. His survival, for a while at least, was uncertain. But, with tender care, and love from Karen, it looked as though Samson would slowly make a recovery. Once he was able, he was transported to the Animal Ark in Hastings to continue his care, and hopefully find a home.

Soon, we found Samson at the Animal Ark, and knew we had to have him. We adopted him, and immediately, Samson found himself in a good home. He had gone from a starving dog, with many problems, to a 108 pound, loved, spoiled family member who now has two little sisters, also adopted from the Animal Ark. Seeing as how it was humans that mistreated him, Samson would have an excuse for being mean toward humans. But, he is the most loving, gentle creature one could ever imagine, be it toward humans, or other animals.

Fast forward a couple years. We started e-mailing Karen, giving her updates on Samson, and soon decided that along with the pictures we’ve sent, perhaps Karen would like to see Samson in person. So, a date was arranged, and on January 10th, we, along with Samson, and our foster dog, Reilly, embarked on a road trip to see Karen. Prior to our trip, we had asked Karen if there was anything she would like us to bring. Karen had said that there was about 1,000 pounds of dog and cat food at the Animal Ark in Hastings that could come up if we had a vehicle that could do it. So, on the Thursday before the trip, we went to the Animal Ark, and loaded up our small pickup with about half of the dog and cat food. That night, I had asked my boss at work if there was any way I could use the company van for such a purpose, and as soon as she heard what the nature of the trip was, she was more than happy to let us take the van. So, Friday night after work, we headed back to the Ark, and loaded up the rest of the pet food.

Bright and early the next morning, we, along with Samson, and Reilly started our trip. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when we reached Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. After visiting for a while, the pet food was unloaded, and there was more visiting, until dark. Then, we headed back to our hotel in Bemidji, only to return the next morning, to transport three adult dogs, and five newborn puppies back to the Animal Ark.

We found the trip uplifting for many reasons. First, we got to meet Karen, who saved our dog’s life. Then, Karen got to see Samson, and immediately saw first hand that her tireless efforts are not in vain. Karen told us that after the dogs (or cats) leave her care, she never sees them again, and only occasionally will get an e-mail with any kind of update. I think Karen getting to hang out with Samson did her spirit good too. It was also very rewarding for us being able to help out by delivering food, and transporting dogs back to the Animal Ark. We look at it as a way of giving something back to someone who has given us so much by saving Samson when he needed it most.

We are positive that this trip back to Red Lake was the start of a good friendship, and surely not our last trip to Red Lake. God bless you, Karen!
-D & M, and Samson

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