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Zetta and her puppies

Check out this post and adorable photo from the Animal Ark blog!
01/20/2009 - Zetta and her puppies
Posted by Mary S
Updated on 01/20/2009
We sent a mom dog (Zetta) with her little pups into foster care and I've now gotten a few updates & thought I'd share. They should be scheduled back to the shelter shortly - and probably won't be so small by then! This family came to us from Red Lake . . . here is what the foster home says about these lively one's . . .

Just thought I’d let you know we are all settled in here.
Zetta gets along great with my kids and dogs. She is all tail wags all the time.

The pups already can climb out of my small kiddie pool so I’ve already had to add the sides to it to keep them contained. They are very vocal and do not like this much but their mother seems to like being able to get away from them from time to time.

She has yet to have an accident in the house (crossing my fingers) and not only does she sit on command but she knows how to get food off of the island in my kitchen… so I assume she was someone’s pet at sometime or another. She stays off of my furniture and is pretty quiet at night and very sweet so I have already forgiven her for eating my uncle’s homemade bagels.

Everyone had a bath this morning… some liking it more than others… I didn’t think those pups could get any fluffier.

My kids already have a list of 20 or so names for the puppies so when we get it narrowed down I will send pictures of each for the website.

Today . . .

Just wanted to keep you updated.

The puppies are doing well. I started supplementing their diet with food once a day lastweek and now they are pretty much solely on puppy food. Their mother has weanedthem over the last week. She won’t go into their space now unless I force her and she growls and chews at them and can’t get out of there soon enough… and who could blame her… they are relentless!!!

She has put on quite a bit more weight now that she is done nursing and still seems to be completely potty trained. She is awonderful dog. She has bonded very strongly with me and follows meeverywhere!!!! She will make a wonderful companion. She is not shy of people or sounds of shovels. I will be sad to bring her back. Truly. I think I have had 7 moms now??? and she is by far the easiest and that says alot because I haven’t really had a difficult one yet.

By the way, here they are & the puppies names are Zed, Zena, Luna, Jerry and Justin.

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