Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Transport

Notes from another first trip to Red Lake:
My fiance and I went up to Rosie's this past weekend to help out and transport animals back to the twin cities. It was a great experience! The weather finally warmed up (above zero!) and we had good weather. We stayed in the cat/puppy house, which was great.
There were 5 husky mix puppies, who were so adorable, along with another little pup named Oscar. The cats were great, too, and one in particular stole our hearts- little, sick Emily, who slept with us every night.
While we were there, we helped out with the chores - cleaning the puppies cages, changing the straw, chipping away at the ice that had formed in the water pales, and shoveling the roof. We took the dogs on walks and played with them, too.
Each one was special in their own way and all were so nice! M really loved sweet Peaches, whose owner had broken her leg, which is now permanently damaged.
The last morning we were there, we loaded up our car and the van to transport 19 animals to the twin cities. They all made it there, where they will hopefully live wonderful lives.

A big thank you to Karen for all the work she does up in Red Lake - it
is just amazing and it takes a very selfless, caring, strong person to
do what she does - and to DeeDee for coordinating everything! Let's all
keep up the great work to help these special animals!


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Anonymous said...

We really appreciate you guys coming out to lend a hand. It's nice to know that there aren't just people who contribute to the problem, but people who can help the problem of neglect shown towards animals. We hope to see you guys again, and thank you deeply for your compassionate acts.
Sarah & Mike


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