Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Connie settles in her new life as Kahlua

Hi, Denise & DeeDee;

I wanted to forward on these photos that we just got from the family that adopted Kahlua (she was Connie at Rosie's - the shy little puppy that came to All Dog Rescue). This family had adopted Dixie from us early in 2006, and they decided she needed a little sister last fall and adopted Kahlua. She really got a wonderful home, and I wanted to share the happy ending with you.

Susan B.
All Dog RescueDixie and Kahlua are wonderful!

Kahlua is almost as tall as Dixie, only quite a bit skinnier. She has long legs with a skinny face and body ...and big ears that still flop to one side, she's just adorable. Our vet thought she might actually be older than we thought based on a few teeth she had that come in later, which would put her at about 10 months. Kahlua is very well behaved, she learns quickly, and seems very happy & well adjusted.
Dixie is as sweet and beautiful as ever! Snuggling is still her favorite thing to do. She loves having Kahlua to play with, they are a great match with similar interests and energy levels. Dixie is also much more relaxed when left home alone. (Which is just when we to go to dinner or for a short trip.) I put her in her crate which is next to Kahlua's and she has far less anxiety with Kahlua by her side.
Both dogs enjoy exploring our wooded property together. We've had lots of rabbits, deer, squirrels and other creatures of great interest to the dogs. Trixie, a golden retriever from next door comes over to play with the girls quite often as well. They also love the dog park. Kahlua is very attached to Dixie and never leaves her side. I might try bringing them separately so Kahlua learns to play with other dogs, although this might happen naturally as she gets older.
Thanks again for all the great work you do for All Dog Rescue! Paul and I love both dogs dearly, and really can't thank you enough. I've attached some updated pictures. The picture with the pink boa was taken shortly after we got Kahlua, but was so cute I had to include it :-). The rest were taken over the holidays.

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