Friday, January 16, 2009

Ahnung's story in pictures

Marilou from Pet Haven has adopted Ahnung from Red Lake and shared this video on her blog about their story thus far.

Update on Ahnung:
so I just got home from taking ahnung to Lake Harriet vet .... first of all, she's in great health with a few interesting findings! :)

- while Dr. Jim was checking ahnung out he noticed a bump on one of her nipples (i assume most of you know that ahnung had a litter of 8 pups when she was abandoned). At first he thought it might be a cyst and to keep an eye on it... he kept checking it and feeling it and a few minutes later exclaims "it's a pellet!!" Apparently Ahnung had been shot at .... fortunately it skimmed her body and just got her nipple. He said it's not hurting her right now so we can leave it there until she goes under for dental cleaning and then he can remove the pellet. Some of you know that the dog we lost in July 2007, Shadow had also been shot. I rescued him from the country roads of Owasso, OK -- he was in horrible condition. I later find out from x-rays taken that he has lead in his skull -- a bullet skimmed his ear then shattered. I guess ahnung is carrying part of shadow's spirit with her as well :)

- ahnung has no front teeth!! :) i noticed that about a week ago... apparently she has been chewing and grinding her teeth (probably an effort to get out from wherever she was being confined). I hate to imagine her life before she ended up at Red Lake Rosie's. she has no front teeth at all and her back teeth have also been worn down! Dr. Jim said it's not a major concern but we'll have to watch for teeth cracking :) He said she's had a rough start to life ... he's guessing she's around 3-4 years old. All I can say is that thank god she lucked out and found her way to karen up at Red Lake!

- ahnung has a luxating patella in her back right leg. i haven't noticed her limping but it's something i'll have to watch for ... if it gets worse she could tear her ACL (and she could be like me and go through ACL surgery!! ;-) and will need surgery ... we'll hope not though :)

other than that my sweet girl is in perfect health ... her heart and lungs sound great and they wanted to know if they could keep her at the clinic!!! I said take a number and stand in line --- she's all mine!! ;-)

Rest assured... ahnung's rough days are all behind her... she has 3 LL Bean beds now with her name on it .... she gets the run of the house when she's left at home ... she sleeps wherever the heck she wants to .... and she spends most of her days either with me while i work from home or at coffee shops, or with Mary at her office doing outreach with at-risk youth! she's learning to sit for treats (we'll start working on the downs and the stays soon ;-)

oh... one my last thing... she now weighs 58 lbs ... when she came she was 68 lbs ... she's a svelte 58 pounds and feeling good!! ;-)

"proud and grateful mama of ahnung - my north star and the star of red lake"

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