Monday, April 20, 2015

Efforts of many save Archie

Archie, a purebred Irish Setter, came from a place where Red Lake Rosie's Rescue had taken 19 Setters since last fall. We are told the setters lived in a large group in a shed where they were bred and sold. 

Archie was unsocialized and cowered in the kennel when he arrived and had to be tricked into a crate and was sent to the Animal Humane Society (AHS) Shy Dog Program. We were unsure if Archie would ever recover and live a normal life. 

We are so happy to learn of Archie’s road to recovery. This is an example of how we have to keep hope and not give up too soon. Thank you to Susan and BENCHS for Archie's new life! 

Jenny of Leech Lake Legacy writes:
Archie came down on February 7 and went to AHS where he was enrolled in their shy/fearful dog program. He spent almost a month in the program but was not making much progress so AHS reached out to me to see if we could find another option for him. He went to Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society (BENCHS) on March 19th in Mankato - Susan Kroon is the ED and she is a fantastic woman and an amazing advocate for all animals. 

This email is from Susan at BENCHS on March 31:
We took Archie from AHS. He was a shy little guy who was not going to come out from under anything he could find -- so we put him in the office! Oh, what a sweet deal that is.

First full day, we had to carry him out to go potty. Later that day, Molly tried to coax him with a leash and I got on all fours and crawled behind him and nudged him with my shoulder. And he sort of walked!

He has gone home to visit with the families of several of our staff to socialize. He is coming out of his shell!

What a gorgeous dog and so sweet. This morning when I walked in the office he had a toy and grabbed it and greeted me. He also let a man stand in the door of the office and he could touch the top of Archie’s head! WOW! By next week he will be ready to go into the adoption line up. What a guy!

This email is from Susan at BENCHS on April 10:
Dear Archie worked his way into the hearts of everyone!

As I mentioned before, he lived in the office. He was forced to deal with people all day in a non-threatening manner -- people working, phone calls, moving in and out of the room. Perfect for him! Then the staff took turns bringing him home many nights. Spending the night at other homes and interacting with their pets was tonic for him.

If he stayed overnight in the office, when I came in to see him he was starting to learn to play and would toss toys over his shoulders and frisk around.

Wednesday, we felt he had graduated enough to move to a kennel to be like any BENCHS dog. We went on walks with volunteers and kept his kennel clean.

And Thursday he went home! A young woman, who is a grad student, adopted him. I am quite sure no one has ever faced a more grueling adoption interview! Everyone was so protective of Archie they really tested this person.

Many tears were shed by all of us as he frolicked out of the building and into her car!

Another wonderful happy ending! He will be missed and was very loved while he was here!

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