Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter puppies!

Baylor, a juvenile pregnant German shepherd, was brought to the shelter by Jo and Polly the evening of the first day of spring.  Poor little Baylor looked like a balloon prancing around the shelter. She is what I call a pregnant teenager.  

Day after day she grew larger and larger and we wondered when the puppies would arrive?  Baylor was good-natured about it all and was running around and as happy as can be.

On Easter Sunday, Baylor could wait no more- I called her my Easter bunny as she had what looked like 12 little bunnies (puppies). We are sad to say that two did not live but the other ten are thriving. This is Baylor’s first and only litter as she will be spayed after the puppies are weaned.

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is giving her safe shelter to have her puppies, then we'll place the puppies, fix the mama and return Baylor to her home in Red Lake. In a few weeks, RLRR will be looking for rescues with foster moms and dads to take Baylor’s litter and find them forever homes.

We are happy that Baylor could come here to have her pups in a safe place and glad that she will be spayed, too.  Thank you to our supporters who make a shelter available to Baylor and others like her.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR


Anonymous said...

AWWWW! Such a sweet momma and pups! I want another RLRR puppy! I don't think my husband will let me though :(
Thanks, as always, for all the amazing work you do.

Cherie W said...

I'm waiting for pups coming from RLRR to All Dog Rescue as I'm going to be fostering puppies so hopefully I'll get these babies. My German Shepherd Scully who passed on Christmas Eve of 2012 got pregnant by a dog that jumped our fence before I was able to spay her and we had seven beautiful puppies to enjoy. Thank you for everything you do to improve the lives of pets on the Rez!!!

barb goulet said...

I would want to adopt a puppy


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