Saturday, February 22, 2014

Morris, now Murray, ready for a home

 Morris was a little terrier shep mix pup that was semi feral and lived in the shadows in Bigstone area of the Red Lake Reservation. A group of Red Lake Rosie’s volunteers had tried to catch Morris at the previous clinic with no luck.
In October, during the last clinic of the season, two community members were able to catch Morris and brought him in. We soon discovered that Morris was not only semi feral but also had demodex, a hereditary mange. The couple surrendered Morris to Red Lake Rosie’s that day.

Morris went to the Gonvick vet to be neutered and spent the first few weeks held up in a kennel, for fear that if we let him go we may never be able to catch him again or give the daily mange medication so he could be healed of the mange.
One day Morris got out and much to our surprise went gladly in his kennel with a treat and his medications each day after exercising. 

As usual the other dogs began to pick on Morris. Feral dogs are targeted many times by the others and are not ever really accepted. Morris had some friends, but had others that would bite him and injure the poor little fellow.

It was doubtful that we could get anyone interested in helping Morris because he would not walk on leash, and was difficult to establish trust. Winter was here and Morris being a shorter haired dog was suffering in the cold.

John Rossakis, foster from All Dog Rescue once more stepped up and took Morris, now Murray, into his care. John and his partner John have made great strides with Murray who would never have had a chance for a normal life without their kind help.

We are so thankful to John, John, and All Dog who came to Murray's rescue!

Now Murray's going for walks around the neighborhood like an old pro. 

Yesterday, he hopped into and out of the car by himself, and went to his first adoption event at Petco. He did a fantastic job with all the sights & sounds, and new people & other dogs he met. He puked in the car on the way home.... baby steps
Tonight he was left out of the kennel while I was gone for 3 hours and proved what good house manners he's learning - nothing chewed & no puddles when I got home. He still has a few things to learn but this boy is ready for his forever home!

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