Saturday, April 4, 2015

Phoenix deals with emotional scars

April 2, 2015:
Good evening, FB friends.
We had a better day today.
Phoenix is learning to love his muzzle. See how relaxed he is?
The upside to this is that he can be without his cone, and still protect his wounds.
(If you would like an excellent resource, check
Tomorrow is bandage change day compounded with training day!
We will be sure to send pictures.

April 3, 2015:
Today was a big day for Phoenix.
Wendy, Carolyn, and Sandi did a long training session, Vicki changed his bandages, and then we trained some more, which left him dog tired.

As he heals, we are learning more about his personality. We are starting to see some behaviors that are undesirable, and we are working to change them.
We are also trying to figure out what circumstances causes him to be upset. The way he reacts to some stimuli is equal to how a human with PTSD might experience the world.
It was a very educational day for us!

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