Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mini-Aussie beauty, Ruth/Cammi

Ruth, now named Cammi, came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from White Earth reservation with serious injuries, probably from being hit by a car.

The ball at the top of her femur was broken; her pelvis was fractured; and so was her tibia. 

Cammi had a femoral head ostectomy (FHO), which is the surgical removal of the head and neck of the femur - the ball part of the ball and socket that makes up the hip joint. After the surgery fibrous tissue will form in the region of the hip joint, which prevents bone rubbing on bone. The muscles hold the hip in place. The operated limb will be slightly shorter. Most dogs do very well after this procedure, especially smaller dogs like Cammi, who is about 26lbs.

She had a plate inserted to stabilize her pelvis, too. With Cammi's movement restriction for the next six weeks the tibia will heal on its own.

Cammi is incredibly sweet and very playful. She is about a year old and loves all dogs and cats. For such a young dog, she has been very patient with her long days of enforced inactivity.

RLRR and Aussie Rescue of Minnesota partnered to save Cammi, sharing surgical costs and fostering duties. Once healed, Cammi will be available for adotpion through Aussie Rescue http://www.aussierescuemn.org/

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