Monday, April 27, 2015

RLRR April Clinic

April clinic was a success with 96 spay/neuter surgeries. And for the first time there were no dogs with quills, no imbedded collars, no mange, no broken bones, or any other animal traumas! 

Our animals were kept cozy and warm thanks to donations of homemade fleece blankets and knitted coats.

Several dogs were in great need of grooming. They all left looking great! 

We had a visit by Clayton Van Werf, who rescued Phoenix from the burning dumpster. He was gifted a loaf of banana bread, homemade by one of our volunteers. 

We also had a new washer, dryer, and an electric range, which meant warm meals and far less laundry piling up. Thank you to all who donated to this need. 

A heartfelt THANK YOU to MNSNAP and to a great group of volunteers: Jill, Jane, DeeDee, Susan, Heather, Dr. Heidi, Deb, Kim, Dawn, Carma, Ashley, and the ladies from Thomson Reuter- Jackie, Cass, Alyssa, Krystle, Stephanie, and Jess. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Till next time,
Clinic coordinator

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