Monday, March 24, 2014

Once-feral dog finds a home

His new family made the photo collage of his first day with them, so we know all is well!!
About a month ago, we told you the story of Morris/Murray, a feral dog who came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in October. We feared he would never find a real home since few people are willing to invest the time and take a chance on such a dog. Even the tame dogs in the pack at RLRR will pick on a feral dog and that's how he got the injury on his leg.
We were so grateful when John Rossakis opened his home to foster Morris, now Murray, through All Dog Rescue. 

I don't know if there's anything more bittersweet than taking a being into your home who comes to you terrified, lost and untrusting of everything. You teach him that he'll be ok around us 2-leggeds, show him that living inside a roof and walls can be safe and warm, and watch him grow into a playful, confident, loyal and loving companion... then say one last goodbye as he turns back to look at you as he's being lead away to his new home and new life.

We're ecstatic that you found a forever home, Murray. And we miss you more than words can say.
Now on to the next foster.....

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