Monday, April 13, 2015

Abner arrives at RLRR near death

We first met Abner when Aris brought him to the shelter as surrender- then Abner was near death. His temperature was dropping and he lay motionless in the crate. Aris then drove him to the vet as we wanted to get him help.

Abner lingered between life and death for several days and was on iv fluids. He was severely malnourished and dehydrated. Finally, Abner began to eat small amounts of A/D canned food and had enough strength to stand up and then take a few steps.

Abner spent the next week in the vet hospital getting both love and the start of nutrition. Dr. Bob, Dr. Marcine, Terry, and Lori were giving him the best care and attention possible. He has this very sweet disposition and wins the hearts of all that meet him.


Mary Harper said...

Ohhhh! Saying a few prayers fr this sweetie! Get well Abner!!

Kristen said...

Was this poor guy a stray? Or was he tied up and left to starve? Many good wishes for recovery, Abner! <3

Anonymous said...

While Abner wasn't set on fire, scalded, stabbed, or shot, he clearly suffered extreme cruelty in the form of starvation. The community has to be aware at this point that they can surrender an unwanted animal or animal they can no longer care for without consequences. So I am torn. At what point does acceptance end?

I am so thankful that Abdner did (very belatedly) find his way to kindness and care, and I hope he and heal and flourish. Thank you to Aris, Karen, Polly, Jo, Denise and everyone else who somehow keeps plugging along without losing hope, holding onto compassion instead of getting destroyed by anger.

Colleen said...

Poor guy. Thank you for all that you do for these animals!

Anonymous said...

Im happy to see he made it!!
I had no idea where he came from but one morning i woke up and there he was cuddling with my dog..he was very hostile and growled at me when he would see me grabbing the feeding bowls...but everytime i fed my spotty boy i made sure abner had a big bowl too..he would not eat but drink a little water only
Thank yous so much for coming to get him right away!
I cried when i seen his picture


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