Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sophie and her puppies

Initially Red Lake Rosie's Rescue heard about Sophie and her need for a shelter as she was about to have puppies, so a dog house, straw and food was delivered by Dan. 
Karen and Geri started making regular stops dropping food, replacing dry straw and fresh blankets. She was given a rubber bowl which we filled with water on our visits. Rubber does not break in the cold weather when the water freezes.
One day we stopped to check on the little black labbie to find her snuggled with her babies. We could not believe how many she had! Twelve puppies -- all black, except for one white pup!
Sophie is a wonderful gentle dog that peaks out and rushes out to meet us when we pull in her driveway.
The owner is appreciative of the help we are giving her dog. We are hoping that she may let us have the puppies so we can place them through Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. We also want to spay Sophie so she will not have more litters.
We want to thank those who have donated dog houses, blankets, straw and food which helps many community dogs and cats.

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