Monday, May 5, 2014

RLRR at 2014 MN Horse Expo

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue made its second appearance at the 2014 Minnesota Horse Expo with an informational booth and items to sell. We were able to share what RLRR does with new friends of the rescue, as well as update those that are familiar with us.
 Without the support and help of great volunteers who made items for fundraising, we could not do this. Not only are our volunteers generous, but they are also creative as everything has to be handmade. We had jewelry, dog tags, stuffed hedgies (toy made out of a carwash mitt), cat nip mice, pop bottle covers, elevated beds, dog/cat pads for sleeping, cat beds, totes, potholders, cat nip toys and last, but not least, homemade dog treats! 

We also had two very special guests of honor with us on Friday. Koko was rescued about 8 years ago from some teenage boys that were playing football with him and his littermate on Red Lake Reservation. The Abraham family knew when they saw him at the foster home, that he was going to live with them. They were more then happy to share him with us on Friday so that he could be our ambassador dog. The Abrahams also raise angora goats....yep, we had a bottle baby goat by the name of Luna with us as well. That really got people to come into the booth and chat! We are not above using dogs and kids (baby goat) to get attention! 
Rachel, the young lady sitting with Koko, also happens to own Autumn...a wild horse from Theodore Roosevelt National Park and now a trail horse.

Thank you to the incredible volunteers who made this possible!

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Anonymous said...

Great job, Deb and DeeDee, and a big thanks to the Abrahams, including Luna and Koko.


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