Wednesday, May 28, 2014

URGENT NEED for tick medication

So far, 2014 has been particularly bad for wood and deer ticks. 

All animals are coming into the shelter loaded with engorged woodticks and also scads of deer ticks. Ticks spread Lyme's, Erlichia, and Anaplasmosis, and can cause skin infections and anemia.

If anyone can donate Frontline or Pet Armor (Walmart brand), the animals would really appreciate it! You can buy Frontline on Amazon. It's on our wish list
If you buy the dose for the heaviest dogs, we can split it and use it for several dogs.

Thank you for your support for the animals.


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Anonymous said...

Dude's gonna be a serial killer one day just a matter of time eh
Don't blame him considering they ain't NO youth programs going on in redlake
And I hear the poverty is high there...children be stolen by the government. So so ������ I hope that kid gets help before its too late..


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