Monday, May 19, 2014

Jacob is looking for a special home

It has been a long journey for Jacob the pitbull that was brutally stabbed on February 16th. See his original post HERE and you can search "jacob" to find several more.
When he came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, in addition to his wounds, he was malnourished and had a severe case of demodex mange. 
The evidence of his attack and the mange have all but disappeared. His coat is coming back nicely. 
He is a very handsome boy and is doing very well. He is a happy boy and smiles a lot. 
Jacob is very fond of treats! His body is healed and now we are working on his emotional well-being.  
Jacob loves people and likes all female dogs and some male dogs. He is alpha male, however, and will need to be watched closely when around some male dogs. Jacob will require the home that will help him succeed. 
For now Jacob spends his day in a kennel and runs free twice a day.
We will keep you updated on Jacob’s progress and thank so many people for helping pay Jacob’s vet bills and encouraging him to get well.

We are all hoping for a bright future for Jacob- he has many friends out there! 

Karen RLRR

NOTE FROM BLOG EDITOR DENISE: We had over 70,000 hits on the original post about Jacob, so please share this update.

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