Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Adventures of Molly and Nova

Marci and Tom adopted Molly from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and have given her a very great life. Here is one of her adventures with her friend Nova.
Karen :-)
Hi Karen-Just had to send this story your way. This past Sunday, Tom, Molly, and I were out cleaning the back yard. Nova came over to play with Molly. As you all know, Molly is the "princess" who likes warm baths and hot tubs; Nova is the "tomboy" who loves cold water and dirt! 
Tom had a plastic tote sitting by the fire pit which had been filled with the charred remains from the pit. It had rained heavily for the past several days, so the top of the tote was full of ice cold water...Nova decided to take a swim in the tote!
OMG! What a mess! Tom managed to get a few photos of Nova, before and after. Nova AND Molly had baths that night, as Nova shook all over Molly & rubbed up against her!

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