Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"20 for 20 to Save Many" food fundraiser

It all started when my Mom received the Red Lake newspaper and there was an article explaining the desperate need for food at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. I had no idea that the food situation was experiencing any decline or that there was any "situation" at all, so I decided to see what I could do from here.

I contacted a few key people to get their opinion on what was going on up on the Rez and Nancy and Tom O'Sullivan filled me in that Karen was indeed in dire need of food. The shelves were empty and help was needed.

Transporting animals and food has pretty much been my role in rescue, but I thought I needed to at least TRY to help. This meant coming WAY out of my comfort zone!

We had received food from RFG in the past and I remembered that we had received that food for free. I contacted RFG and they informed me that they were no longer donating free food to rescue groups but would be willing to sell me an 1100 lbs pallet of food for $200. I confirmed that the food would be higher quality and not just broken bags. I agreed to give it a try.

During the month of October, I, The O'Sullivan's, Barbie Olson, my Mom, my ex-husband (Mike Ripley) and my good friend Kathy Radford took care of the bill for the 1st two pallet loads to see what Karen thought of the quality of the food. When we found out she was happy with it, I decided we had to do this for the winter to get her through the tough cold months up there.

I spoke to Jenny Fitzer about this, as she is our drop-off point for the food load that I pick up and she brings it up on her trips to Leech Lake when she meets the O'Sullivan's. I told her that I really wanted to do this but knew I couldn't afford it on my own. Jenny told me she thought others would be happy to donate to RLRR and that I should put the word out with an do-able amount of money per month.

I know that I live paycheck to paycheck, and that I can ALWAYS find $20 per month and when I did the math (which I'm terrible at!), it was decided that if I could come up with 20 people to give $20 per month, I would get the $400 per month needed to get 2200 lbs of food to RLRR for the winter! I came up with "20 for 20 to Save Many" as I thought it was catchy and easy to remember.

I ended up getting 18 WONDERFUL people that responded and are committed to helping RLRR until the end of March!

It's very exciting to be part of something new!

Kristin L Tanchin


Anonymous said...

I would like to be part of the 20 for 20. Kristin what is your email?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Kristin is pretty terrific for all the work she has done on behalf of RLRR since its inception. Thanks, Kristin!!!


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