Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kindness Week at Red Lake Elementary School

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue was invited to the Red Lake Elementary School on Wednesday, March 5th to accept the generous donation of the children’s 2014 penny drive as a part of their Kindness Week activities. Teacher Michelle Stapleton coordinates this event each year and the students have picked the animal shelter as their favorite charity. 
Karen, Bubba the Bulldog and Mouser went to the student assembly and accepted the proceeds of 60,000 pennies collected. Sanford Health also matched $250.00 of the donation, so Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue received a total of $850.00. 
The antidote for cruelty is kindness, and the elementary children and staff provided exactly that. We are so thankful to be reminded of all the kind people that care about their animals here at Red Lake.

Red Lake Rosie’s promised to come into the classrooms again with animals and a kind message as soon as the weather warms up and we have a schedule arranged. We enjoy our visits to the Red Lake Elementary where they always make us feel valued and wanted.
A big thank you to the Red Lake Elementary School from Red Lake Rosie’s Board of Directors Jo, Polly, Carol, Karen, and our furry friends Bubba and Mouser. 
Both Mouser and Bubba were big hits with the kids. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, more big thank you's to all
the wonderful teachers, children,
support team, Bubba, Mouser, RLRR, Karen, and volunteers who
help make a difference for the animals in the community. We are so proud and grateful for your support and dedication to the cause. THANK YOU!!!


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