Friday, March 21, 2014

20 for 20 fundraiser for RLRR

Last night we had a food pickup for "20 for 20" and we took the attached photo. It's ALWAYS chaotic out there as there are always trucks and people coming and going picking up stuff.  We had to hurry to take this photo and just look at that flag!  It's BACKWARDS!  HAHAHAHA!!  I had to laugh when I noticed that when I got home!  NOBODY else noticed it either!  That's so dang funny!
Anyway....  The people in the photo are:
      In the back row:
            Chuck from RFG - he helps to coordinate the pickups and load the vehicles
            Ken from RFG - he is our fork lift driver extraordinaire!
      Front row are donors:
            Tara Osterberg
            Kathy Radford
            Kris Tanchin
            Marlene Lussier
            Deloris Tanchin
I would like to recognize and thank all of the donors that have helped the 20 for 20 program in the last 6 months:
      Kristal Wilson
      Nancy and Tom O'Sullivan
      Mike Ripley
      Barbie Olson
      Tracy Berg
      Sue Verness
      Carri Haberle
      Jane Norling
      Tara and Tom Osterberg
      Zachary Dutton
      John Vaughn
      Kathy Radford
      Jan Miller
      Marlene Lussier
      Jeannie Estrada
      Kitty Loomis
      Nancy Blanck
      Diane Dunker
      Deloris Tanchin

We are always looking for donors for this program.  It's $20 per month per person and that brings RLRR approximately 2400 lbs of food every month!  The food is high quality and Karen loves receiving it! 

A huge thank you to Kristin and the donors and volunteers for their efforts on the 20 for 20 program- We love it!! The food is high quality and we also get litter and other needed supplies.

Learn more about the program at an earlier post HERE and contact Kristin at if you are interested in participating. I personally love it that people are so moved by the work of RLRR that they come up with fundraising ideas on their own :-)

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