Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jasper's story

On February 5th, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue organized the rescue of a little six-month-old puppy from one of the villages on the reservation. A report came to us on our Facebook page of this animal in distress. Thankfully, we were able to engage the help of a nice man named Paul from the village to find the dog and transport him 70 miles to the RLRR shelter.
Taking one look at Jasper, we knew he needed immediate help. He was in a very emaciated, dehydrated condition with an infected wound from a gun shot on his side. Jasper walked with his back arched as if in severe pain. We were sickened at the sight of him, but thankful to have him in our care. We rushed off to the local vet for help.
The X-ray revealed the miraculous report that no pieces of the bullet that shot little Jasper hit any major organs or bones, and the outlook was very good for him. The bullet passed clean through his body with no damage. This baffled the vet.

Jasper spent the night in the hospital and then the next day became a resident in the cathouse under the loving care of Geri. When Jasper would go outdoors to do his business he always wore a coat.
Due to his hunger, Jasper was at first very agitated, trying desperately to get some morsels of food. After getting his fill of food, he became more relaxed and seemed to absolutely love his life in the cathouse. 

His posture has since improved and what an angel he is in the cathouse making friends with the cats and Blonde another resident dog.
Jasper is on antibiotics and pain management during the healing process. The warm environment with good food and lots of water all help in his healing. Jasper responds so well to kind words and now feels very worthwhile.
Red Lake Rosie wants to thank Paul and other rescuers who are willing to find the animals like Jasper who need help. Facebook has been very helpful in finding these animals.

As always, we thank all the supporters, rescues, transporters and food donors who make helping the animals in need on the Red Lake Reservation possible.

And now, a happy ending for Jasper. He went to P.U.P.S. rescue and has been adopted!!
Jasper has found his forever home.  They said that he is AWESOME and their kitties are doing well with him.  Thanks for doing so much for him.

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